Coaster 2.0

Heart of Your
Home Bar

Introducing Barsys Coaster 2.0 - where innovative technology meets sophisticated design. Become a home mixologist, crafting exquisite cocktails curated from the finest bars, mixologists and brads globally. Select your drink from the Bluetooth connected app and follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen. The coaster will illuminate, indicating when to start and stop pouring each ingredient. Barsys Coaster 2.0 features an elegant aluminum body design, crafted with sustainability in mind, and features over-the-air updates, allowing it to stay current with all Barsys updates. Cheers to a new era of home mixology!

Best Cocktails From Around The Globe

Unlock a World of Elevated Mixology

Experience the artistry of world-renowned bars, top mixologists and premium spirits brands, from your home or on the go. We've partnered with the best of the cocktail world, echoing the essence of Barsys's innovation. Craft exceptional drinks effortlessly, guided by expertly curated recipes, ensuring every pour is perfect. Beyond any coaster, this is your ticket to an unparalleled cocktail adventure. Cheers to the future of mixology!

How It Works

Pour Your Perfect Cocktail

Simply choose your favorite spirits and mixers. Allow Barsys to craft your cocktails while you and your friends enjoy the experience.


The Coaster 2.0 Advantage

Where Every Sip is an Experience. Craft tailored cocktails at the touch of a button, ensuring each pour is a unique journey. Elevate your gatherings with personalized perfection – because exceptional moments deserve extraordinary drinks.


The sleek all-aluminum body is captivating with its eye-catching design and underscores our commitment to eco-friendly practices – ensuring you enjoy your cocktails guilt-free while enhancing your home's aesthetics.

Experiential &
Mood Lighting

Dynamic lighting enhances ambiance, setting the mood for the perfect cocktail moment, transforming any space into a personalized bar atmosphere.


Regular updates make Coaster 2.0 smarter over time, expanding its utility from cocktails to everyday tasks like kitchen activities and coffee-making, evolving with your needs.


Partnerships with the world's best content creators bring exclusive recipes, techniques, and inspirations to your Coaster, fostering a global community of cocktail enthusiasts.